Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please Make Me Blind

The second hand ticked another 360 degrees as I sat at the desk in the office of the Music department. Mrs. Burrus was occupied at her desk and my mind wondered to the endless possibilities of “what-ifs.”

What if I was in some horrible accident and I lost 95% of my sight to where it was reduced to seeing dim shapes against the fuzzy gray light. Mmmm….that would be tradgic. Would I be able to eat in public without spilling everything? Would I still be able to achieve a college education in this manner? Would my ears compensate? Would my ears compensate?... Then tears sprang to my eyes as the thought presented itself that I would never again see the beautiful faces of those I loved, especially my heart family. . .

How silly; I chided myself for too vivid of an imagination. Then God nudged the thought into my mind, I could teach you to see with your heart.

My heart?

All your prejudices and preconceived conceptions would slip away. You would listen to their voice and see their heart instead of listening to the message of their appearance and shying away from being My hands, feet, and heart to them.

Wow God. I have so much to learn. How often do I only listen to half of what people are saying and miss the deep reverberations of their words.

Please make me blind and open the eyes of my heart.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Passion Play

Passion Play...
This year we are going throught the life of Moses. On Friday night we see the life of Jesus through his eyes as he talks with God from the top of Mount Nebo right before his death. God has really blessed this summer, not only the campers but the staff as well. This is our sixth week, but I'm still not tired of it... I never stop learning.

Mountain Top Experience!

2 weeks ago, Andrew Whitlow, Stephen L., and I went on a hike....
but not just any hike. : ) We climbed Dix mountain: 4,840 ft. in elevation, #6 highest in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks, and a 13 mile round trip.
I have never hiked a mountain before... I had no idea what I was getting into.

After a mile and a half, Stephen decided it was his turn to take the rear, so they put me between them and wouldn't let me quit. : ) Things were going quite well until we came to the last mile and a half which were almost straight up! Literally! We where scrambling up rocks and pulling ourselves up by tree roots! At one point I wanted to give up and let them go on ahead so that they wouldn't loose time (they were going to hike to Hughes from the top of Dix), but they wouldn't let me, I was so exasperated that I finally burst out with, "Don't you two ever stop being gentlemen!?" To which they simply laughed and assured me that it was ok and we'd reach the top together. . . and we did.
Looking back I am very thankful for my "stubborn gentlemen," and that I had the exciting experience of climbing a mountain; though I must say that any future endeavors will be more on my level. : )

My two stubborn gentlemen... : )

Creek crossing..... (Andrew doesn't want to get his feet wet... : )

Rare wildlife...

Staff time : )

Alex and his cal zone!

Last Wednesday we had a staff party where most of of did stuff down at the waterfront and then we all headed up to the cafeteria to make cal zones!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Updates on life...

Camping in the Catskills... a beautiful waterfall.

Staying in the Tepees on our day off...

...Becca sleeping. : )

Me and Taylored between class periods.

Here is my beautiful sister in the middle of our muddy pasture! : )

The campers were anxious to ride as we finished saddling the last two horses. I slung the saddle over Pixies back and reached under her stomach to grasp the girth. I cinched her up but was surprised at how close the ring was to her elbow. I walked around with the intention to let down the other side of the girth, but Pixie stood right next to the side rail and wouldn't budge. I pushed against her hind legs... with no avail. I was quite perplexed until I looked to the side and ....low n' behold I had cinched her to the side rail! No wonder she woudn't budge! It all proffered a good chuckle. : )

These are my boots firmly stuck in the mud of the pasture after several days of rain! The pasture remains at some degree of muddiness throughout the week.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Gray Intruder

(read with quiet, intriguing suspense ; )

The sun filtered in through the trees with a soft morning light illuminating the story of Rehoboem (sp?). Shaking my head at the rejection of God by the Israelites yet again, my ears heard a soft scratching noise. Glancing up from my position by the window, my eyes lighted on a tiny gray lump huddled on the bare matrice of an empty cabin bunk. The little gray lump pitter-patted another 3 inches and I distinguished two round ears and a long tail. Sucking in a deep breath I contemplated the most efficient way to extract this unwelcome guest from my living quarters. Should I stomp and make loud noises to scare him away? Should I attempt to capture him? Or should I shudder with disgust and pretend I never saw him? The fury little mouse padded another inch and quivered. The poor tiny thing was cold! But wait! What was this empathetic thought which lept into my frontal lobe?! This will never do; I must banish all such thoughts! The moments ticked by... I glanced to the small box beside me of paper, stamps, and writing utensils, and decided on my course of action. Emptying the box of its contents, I slipped from my motionless spot and stealthily crept toward the wooden bunk across the worn and warped wooden floor. Taking a deep breath I lifted the pretty box above the little gray intruder and... Aha! Pounce! I had my self a mouse!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Every Second Counts

"Time Is Money"
Shaila Meharry
Are you ready for a change? A drastic change? ... God is.

Some one once posed the question, “What would you do if a bank were to give you $86,400 every day?” I’m sure you could think of several things right off the top of your head: School bills, entertainment, cars, shopping, ADRA, etc. Someone may even venture to think, “No school!” (But how boring would that be! : )

Now here are the conditions though: each day this amount is renewed and each evening whatever has not been used will be deleted from your account. Pretty simple, right?
In all actuality you are given 86,400 seconds everyday! It is your choice how you spend them. You may think that they are only seconds; hardly of any consequence … but how important is a second?

“To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade.
To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper. (Southern Accent)
To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who missed their flight.
To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask the person who jut avoided an accident.
To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics.” -Charles Lange

Time is an extravagant gift God has given us! And what would make His heart rejoice is the fact that every day one of his children is setting time out of his “busy” schedule just for Him.
“How can young people keep their way pure? By guarding it according to your word. With my whole heart I seek you; do not let me stray from your commandments. I treasure your word in my heart, so that I may not sin against you.” Psalms 119:9-11

God’s word is powerful! You might not be able to stand the ramifications if you give God your time through prayer and the reading of His word. I want to take that chance because the change will bring me face to face with my Redeeming and I will never be the same again.

“Taste and see that the LORD is good.”

Monday, June 15, 2009

Crystal Water Music!

Sabbath afternoon, as Christy and I had noble intentions of doing the dishes, we got pleasantly sidetracked by the beautiful sounds that you can make with Crystal goblets filled at various levels with water. While Joel and I improvised with different harmonies Christy added her cello and Caitlin her violin. Our finale was the Carol of the Bells! Enjoy : )!

Important Things To Do! : )

This is a list that I made in 06'. This is the current state, but it is subject to constant modulations and changes! : )

Things to accomplish in life: 5/13/06

1. Race around a horse track
2. Be an a jumping show
3. Give a live concert
4. Make a CD
5. Be in an opera
6. Graduate from college
7. Get my Masters or Doctoral degree
8. Have a Painting sold for 200 or + dollars
9. Have a Drawing “ “
10. Visit an orphanage
11. Personally bring 10 people to Christ
12. Visit a third world country
13. Have 30,000 in my savings at some point
14. Have a complete Civil War outfit
Caitlin made one…how wonderful to have a sister to share with! (picture above)
15. Give a seminar
16. Graduate from GCA with all A’s
3.9…I guess I’ll have to settle for that.
17. Be able to sing an A
18. Live my purpose
19. Memorize 100 Bible verses
20. Do prison ministries
• During October homeleave in 08’, Daddy and I went to the prison to do prison ministries on Tuesday night. He gave me three Steps to Christ to give as I felt impressed. While we were in there sharing, a mother and her 20 year old daughter made the decision to give their lives to Christ. We prayed with them and I got to give them those books. It was a really great experience. Now, when I’m home, I try to go every time they have it.
21. Speak 3 to 5 different languages
I have a foothold on French and Portuguese… after I conquer those two, then comes Greek, Hebrew, and Italian!
22. Sing with a Symphony accompanying me
23. Conduct a choir or an orchestra or band
24. See a sunrise or sunset above the Grand Canyon
25. Fly an airplane
26. Visit the Red Wood Forest
27. Learn to Ballroom Dance
28. Milk a cow by hand
• 2/25/07 Carissa and I went to the barn at GCA and Mr. Roberts showed us how to milk a cow by hand and then let us try. It was a lot of fun! It would take a long time to milk a cow by hand every morning.
29. Read through the Dictionary
30. Learn to write calligraphy
• 12/25/07 I was given a book and a pen for Christmas on how to write calligraphy. It’s comin’ : )
31. Watch a surgery
• 12/15/06 I shadowed Dr. Brannon, an anesthesiologist. I observed two breast-cancer biopsies at Gordon Hospital; Calhoun, Georgia.
32. Save some ones life
33. Learn to Play Violin, Trumpet, Percussion
34. Break in a Stallion (using unharmful methods)
35. Find perfume that smells like gardenia or wisteria
Gardenia yes, wisteria….ainda nao.
36. Read 30 books in one summer
37. Travel somewhere overnight on a train
38. Go as a student missionary for a year
39. Sing in the Sydney Opera House and/or Carnegie Hall
40. Give concerts for orphanages
41. Write a book
42. Get Married
43. Be on a horse in the middle of a field of wild flowers surrounded by mountains
44. Visit Alaska
45. Live in a log cabin in the Mountains
46. Ride in a sleigh with jingle bells in the snow
47. Got to a school in Europe
48. Got to a symphony and an opera
• Summer of 08’: When I went to Brazil for 5 weeks, the first week I stayed with the Conte’s and Steven took me to the Opera! It was so exciting! It was a tragedy called: Maria Golovin by Menotti.
49. See Jesus Come
50. Preach an evangelistic series
51. Hear live, “The New World Symphony”
52. Hear live the “Messiah”
• In December of 08’, Carissa, Jonathan, Mrs. Harper, and I went to Atlanta to hear the Christmas portion of the Messiah, performed by the Atlanta Symphony. It was amazing!
53. Hear live the “Warsaw Concerto”
54. Colporteur for a summer
• Summer of 07’: I did LE word for 10 weeks and it really changed my life and helped me grow a lot. I fell in love with God’s word.
55. Visit Brazil
• Summer of 08’: I had the opportunity to go to Brazil for 5 weeks. I learned so many new things! And it was a wonderful experience! (see. Brazil Journal) (picture above and to the right- it's Brazilian clay!)
56. Fast for a week
57. Conquer my fear of showing emotion when I sing solo in front of people
• God helped me by opening my heart and using sing to love the people. After that summer of mega-booking, Caitlin, Nathan, and I did special music and I was completely at ease. It is the beginning.
58. Have the love of children and the respect of adults (that is to have succeeded)
59. Be a good cook
60. Be a Wrangler at Camp
This summer I am working in the barn at Camp Cherokee! (And a counselor and what ever else is needed. : )
61. Make a Hope Chest

I hope this inspires all of you to make a list! It's exciting!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Graduation Reflections...

Kindred Spirits :)

Happy Smiles of Anticipation...

My Five Wonderful Adopted Siblings!