Monday, July 13, 2009

Updates on life...

Camping in the Catskills... a beautiful waterfall.

Staying in the Tepees on our day off...

...Becca sleeping. : )

Me and Taylored between class periods.

Here is my beautiful sister in the middle of our muddy pasture! : )

The campers were anxious to ride as we finished saddling the last two horses. I slung the saddle over Pixies back and reached under her stomach to grasp the girth. I cinched her up but was surprised at how close the ring was to her elbow. I walked around with the intention to let down the other side of the girth, but Pixie stood right next to the side rail and wouldn't budge. I pushed against her hind legs... with no avail. I was quite perplexed until I looked to the side and ....low n' behold I had cinched her to the side rail! No wonder she woudn't budge! It all proffered a good chuckle. : )

These are my boots firmly stuck in the mud of the pasture after several days of rain! The pasture remains at some degree of muddiness throughout the week.