Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Passion Play

Passion Play...
This year we are going throught the life of Moses. On Friday night we see the life of Jesus through his eyes as he talks with God from the top of Mount Nebo right before his death. God has really blessed this summer, not only the campers but the staff as well. This is our sixth week, but I'm still not tired of it... I never stop learning.

Mountain Top Experience!

2 weeks ago, Andrew Whitlow, Stephen L., and I went on a hike....
but not just any hike. : ) We climbed Dix mountain: 4,840 ft. in elevation, #6 highest in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks, and a 13 mile round trip.
I have never hiked a mountain before... I had no idea what I was getting into.

After a mile and a half, Stephen decided it was his turn to take the rear, so they put me between them and wouldn't let me quit. : ) Things were going quite well until we came to the last mile and a half which were almost straight up! Literally! We where scrambling up rocks and pulling ourselves up by tree roots! At one point I wanted to give up and let them go on ahead so that they wouldn't loose time (they were going to hike to Hughes from the top of Dix), but they wouldn't let me, I was so exasperated that I finally burst out with, "Don't you two ever stop being gentlemen!?" To which they simply laughed and assured me that it was ok and we'd reach the top together. . . and we did.
Looking back I am very thankful for my "stubborn gentlemen," and that I had the exciting experience of climbing a mountain; though I must say that any future endeavors will be more on my level. : )

My two stubborn gentlemen... : )

Creek crossing..... (Andrew doesn't want to get his feet wet... : )

Rare wildlife...

Staff time : )

Alex and his cal zone!

Last Wednesday we had a staff party where most of of did stuff down at the waterfront and then we all headed up to the cafeteria to make cal zones!