Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please Make Me Blind

The second hand ticked another 360 degrees as I sat at the desk in the office of the Music department. Mrs. Burrus was occupied at her desk and my mind wondered to the endless possibilities of “what-ifs.”

What if I was in some horrible accident and I lost 95% of my sight to where it was reduced to seeing dim shapes against the fuzzy gray light. Mmmm….that would be tradgic. Would I be able to eat in public without spilling everything? Would I still be able to achieve a college education in this manner? Would my ears compensate? Would my ears compensate?... Then tears sprang to my eyes as the thought presented itself that I would never again see the beautiful faces of those I loved, especially my heart family. . .

How silly; I chided myself for too vivid of an imagination. Then God nudged the thought into my mind, I could teach you to see with your heart.

My heart?

All your prejudices and preconceived conceptions would slip away. You would listen to their voice and see their heart instead of listening to the message of their appearance and shying away from being My hands, feet, and heart to them.

Wow God. I have so much to learn. How often do I only listen to half of what people are saying and miss the deep reverberations of their words.

Please make me blind and open the eyes of my heart.


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. That is a truly incredible thought.

  2. oh Shaila thanks for sharing, I've personally been checking myself if my Heart is open. :D interesting concept. :D

  3. I love your vivid imagination :) and the eloquent thoughts God inspires you with because of it. It has given me a new perspective on blindness. thank you.

  4. See, and it's still inspiring to someone happening upon it a year later! ;) It is an incredible concept, I love it --and I should make it my prayer as well. Thanks for being so inspiring, Shaila, you're a wonderful jewel of creation and I love you.

  5. Oh, and I think it's time for another post. ;)