Monday, October 4, 2010

A Godly wife...

Dear Friends,

(This is primarily intended for my sisters in Christ) : D

Last evening I went to the Library to attempt to work on a few papers, however, I ended up not working on any of them but writing down some thoughts that God shared with me. So I wanted to share them with you too.

Recently I have been thinking about relationships. More specifically about marriage and my inadequate knowledge. I've been wondering how I can effectively prepare for it and become the type of Godly wife that I have been privileged to witness in the marriage of a few couples I know. Then last evening God brought Isaiah 54 to mind, which says that the Lord is your '"Maker and your Husband." (This is a very good chapter!)

These are the thoughts that He proceeded to give me on how I can "practice" for marriage and also completely cement my relationship with Him; after all, who knows if the world will last long enough for that anyway. : )

How to be a good wife (to God)

1. Appearance: Take care in my appearance so that I reflect His care of me; I do not want to dishonor/embarrass him by a sloppy or immodest appearance.
2. Quality time: make sure I have my devotional time every morning, and sometimes evenings.
3. Dates: schedule a time every week to go on a date (actually do something and carry on a conversation with God) i.e. look at artwork, take a walk, visit the duck pond, bike ride, fly a kite, etc. Marvel at His creative power!
4. Care for His needs: clean my heart of worldly clutter, make savory self-sacrifices that will be pleasing to Him.
5. Submission: frequently reaffirm my trust in Him as my leader and my decision maker; follow through according to His plan, and listen when he speaks; honor the rules of His "house," (Universe), the ten commandments.
6. Care for the Family: Care for the children of God, my fellow brothers and sisters in the church, for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs; guide by teaching(charge with truth) and set boundaries.
7. Help-mate: support/partner with Him in His life work— saving souls; ministry together.
8. Intimacy: secret prayer.
9. Care for those outside family unit (unbelievers): love unconditionally, guide by example, provide for physical, emotional, and then spiritual needs.
10. Faithfulness: maintain vibrant, growing relationship; keep my eyes on Him and not on other men.

This is something I'm really excited about! And I can't wait to see the kind of impact it will have on my relationship with God.

I thought it was interesting that He gave me 10. : ) Though I'm sure that here are many other dynamics and aspects of the marriage relationship to which other parallels could be made.

It is my prayer that each of you find your completeness in Him who is you Maker, Father, Savior, Lover, Protector, and Husband. He will never disappoint you, but will "bear you up on wings like eagles." Isaiah 40